Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Once Upon a Fjord Clearance Sale!

Last summer I wrote a serialized novel Once Upon a Fjord, one chapter per week. If you missed out on that experience, I'm giving one last opportunity to access it for the next month before I pull it off the Internet forever!
 (or at least, for a while--for purposes of submitting to publishers, etc.)

Invite friends and family members to enjoy it. In some cases, you can even invite well-meaning enemies!

Below I've cobbled together the links for the prologue and the ten chapters. Another option is to go to this website, where I have the chapters available for free download. This is especially helpful for e-readers such as Kindles, iPads, Nooks, iPhones, or other tablets.

If you want to stay updated on new projects (there is another coming this summer!), then you can subscribe to updates from /add me on Google +, follow me on Twitter, or befriend me on Facebook.

Chapter 1: Of Landslides and Islands
Chapter 2: The Finn Is Just the Beginning
Chapter 3: Island Hopping
Chapter 4: Storm Tossed Storm Child
Chapter 5: Liberating Ladies
Chapter 6: Eluding Elopement 
Chapter 7: The Saint and the Devil
Chapter 8: Conspirators and Collaborators
Chapter 9: Alfred's Downfall
Chapter 10: Once Upon a Broken Arch

And if you've made it that far, then you definitely won't want to miss Tanner Jones's inspiring Once Upon a Fjord music album, with a song based off of the events/characters in each chapter. The prologue song is here and the chapter songs are here.