Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Showdown at the Burnt Creek Café-Complete Story

This summer I wrote a serialized novel, Showdown at the Burnt Creek Café, releasing one chapter per week and emailing them in e-reader format to those who helped with the Kickstarter that made this project possible. I also posted them for free to anyone on this blog. Now, Showdown is available to read all in one sitting (or several sittings, or standings, or runnings--I guess it depends on your personal reading habits). 

If you would like an e-reader format for your Kindle, iPad, or other electronic device, they can be made available for $5.00-$20.00 (depending on preferences) through the PayPal account on the right side of the page. Or email writingreeder@gmail.com for information.

Otherwise, you can just enjoy the chapters off of here for free. To facilitate your reading experience, I've placed the links to each chapter of Showdown at the Burnt Creek Café on this single post.

Prologue: Bertie, the Kid
Hole 10: The Back Nine Rush
Hole 11: Let's Go, Silver
Hole 12: The Native Andersons
Hole 13: The Don R. Party and the Pinegineer
Hole 14: Quickdraw McSwans
Hole 15: The Marshall's Law and the Hang Loose Man
Hole 16: The Sally Moon Stand
Hole 17: Foley's Gold
Hole 18: Outcast of the Burnt Creek Back Nine
Showdown at the Burnt Creek Café

You can't have the full reading experience, however, unless you listen to the album that my super talented cousin Tanner Lex Jones put together for this story. Every chapter has an originally composed and recorded song with plenty of amazing guest musicians and voices. Listen to the album on SoundCloud or email Tanner (via writingreeder@gmail.com) to purchase a burned CD.