Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lady Elaryindril & Cyrus Knowles the Quarterback-Complete Novella

I recently wrote a loving spoof of epic fantasy novels, preposterously titled Lady Elaryindril & Cyrus Knowles the Quarterback, and shared it every other day in serialized form. I've compiled the links of the separate (short) parts of the story into one post to facilitate reading the whole thing. If you would like an e-book version of the story, email and I can send the e-reader version of the novella for free.

In new developments, I even have an audio version of each part of the story for those of you that are either illiterate, lazy, or--I guess--busy. Of course, it would mean listening to my voice for a prolonged period of time, so you would also have to be desperate. If that description fits you, let me know and I can send you the audio for free by email.