Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Despicable Pirate Gentry of All Stripes: The Hunt Is On!

No pirate story would be complete without a treasure hunt. After reading How to Become a Pirate Hunter, some might wonder whatever happened to the treasure hunt?! Well, I would posit that learning to appreciate your own unique talents is a treasure more valuable than any amount found in the Spanish Galleons of the Treasure Fleet.

Also, I would say that doesn't count as a real treasure!

Therefore, while you may not have explicitly noticed a treasure hunt in the novel, one is built into the story for the astute reader! Well ... one third of it is. You see, I've dropped three hints for dedicated readers to discover: one in the novel, one in the Bonus Chapter (more info coming), and one in a Tanner Lex Jones song found in his album that accompanies the chapters of the novel (more info on that coming too!).

You'll have all summer to hunt down the hints, and I will release the clues associated with those hints each month of the summer. At the end of the summer, if you think you know the location of the treasure, you can fill out the Treasure Hunt form that will be on this website and submit it. If you are correct, you can win a certificate and will be sent a small piece of treasure for your wily work.

Now, without further ado, I will hereby officially release the first clue in the Treasure Hunt. This clue is associated with the novel, so if you have the book, you should be able to clamp down on at least some of the coordinates.

Book’s chapters turn to Roman,
Then seek the vital “X,”
Within you’ll find the omen,
Which “marks” the “spot” one checks.