Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Perfect Christmas Gift

Here are thirteen piratey treasons(!) that How to Become a Pirate Hunter would make for the perfect Christmas gift:

  1. It doesn't require batteries.
  2. It barely requires someone literate.
  3. It won't be that noisy, annoying present that breaks two hours after it's unwrapped.
  4. It could have a personalized message written in it by the author if you buy it directly from me (while supplies last!) (contact writingreeder@gmail.com for personalized orders)
  5. Because I'm currently writing the sequel, it will make next year's present that much easier to think of (considering I finish it sometime soon!)
  6. That person who is so hard to shop for because they already have everything? I'm willing to bet that they don't have this! (This bet offer is good until How to Become a Pirate Hunter breaks into the New York Times Bestseller list)
  7. In the deep cold of winter, what's better than to be transported to the tropical and humid heat of the Spanish Main?
  8. It's just small enough to fit in a decently-sized stocking.
  9. It has a built-in Treasure Hunt, with three clues that can be released one at a time upon request to writingreeder@gmail.com
  10. It is the perfect allegory for the socio-economic state of 18th century European market fluctuations. (Okay, it's not, but you could show it to someone and make that claim in order to sound smarter.)
  11. It's available on e-book, so it will be a nice addition to your Kindle or other e-reader present that you got someone.
  12. It could help with any pirate problems in your immediate neighborhood.
  13. It's one of the least offending aspects of an increasingly commercialized Christmas season!*

*(Buy now and you can download the map below for free! ... or you could just pirate it, which seems a lot more appropriate ...)